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seven beauty brows utilizes the latest semi-permanent make-up techniques to bring high quality service to its customers. our services include semi-permanent make-up for eyebrows, eyeliner lip blush and hair line.

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Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading $450

Microblading is a semi-permanent from of cosmetic tattooing. But unlike traditional tatoos, which use a tatoo gun, microblading uses a bladed-sharped tool with tiny needles to creat hair-like strokes along your brows and deposit pigment into your skin. As a result, you get realistic, great lookingbrows that won't smudge or wash away;

Closeup of Woman with Eyebrows after Microblading

Ombre Powder $500

Ombre powder is a semi permanent eyebrow styling technique that use a small machine with vibrating needles to place fine dots of pigment into the skin, creating a soft shaded brow pencil look. Ombre powder brows are great for all skin types, unlike microblaing which may not work well on oily skin.

Combo Brow $500

Combo brow is a combination of two forms of semi permanent makeup techniques which are microblading and powder shading brows.


Young Woman Undergoing Procedure of Permanent Eyeliner Makeup, C

Lash Line Enhancement $400

Design Eyeliner $450

Eyeliner tattooing is a semi-permanent makeup technique which involves placing pigments along the top lash line for thicker and fuller looking lashes. Semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos are great for those with sensitive skin who can't apply eyeliner everyday, or play sports or do other activities that would cause their eyeliner to run.

Lip Blushing

Young Woman Undergoing Procedure of Permanent Lip Makeup in Tatt

Full Lips $600

Dark Lip Neutralization & Color $700

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves depositing pigments into the lips, which builds layers of color. Through this procedure, you can create more clearly defined lip borders, correct asymmetries, and rejuvenate the overall color of the lips

hair line

Thin  hair and scalp  and broken hair
Hair And Scalp

Hair Line $600 & Up

Hair Line tattoo is a cosmetic procedure where hair-like strokes are created using pigment to simulate the appearance of hair. The benefits of a hairline tattoo include the ability to make thinning areas of the scalp or sparse hair look fuller.


Lip Blush


Nano Hairstrokes

customer reviews

Young is very professional in what she does. Before this microblading experience, I had never done any of this eyebrow stuff before. I have never even shaved my eyebrows!! We communicated on what kind of eyebrow design to do for me. We chatted a lot during the procedure and I'm not sure if maybe it was too much talking or not 😅. She made many adjustments so as to find the eyebrow shape that works best for me. She is a really nice lady and she knows what she is doing. I would highly recommend!! (I did almost fall asleep a few times tho haha! It was pretty relaxing.)

Stephanie Zou.

I recently had the privilege of having my eyebrows meticulously sculpted by Miya(Young). I am so pleased with the results of my new brows that I can’t stop but stare at myself every time I pass by a mirror. I have received many compliments and I would highly recommend Miya (young) to friends and family.

Sarafina Nutmeg

Got my eyebrows tattooed here few months ago. During my treatment, she was really detail oriented and the end result confirmed my observation. I'm thrilled that I got this done as now I look decades younger. My wife is extremely happy with the result as well. Best money I spent on myself this year by far. I strongly recommend this place. Make sure to ask for Young L.

Peter Choi

I was honestly doubtful about the permanent eyebrow tattoo but the designer's meticulousness and

post-treatment care were very kind and considerate. And now I would like to recommend it to someone like me because I am very satisfied and happy whenever I look in the mirror, specially after removing my makeup at night. It absolutely made me more confident now. If you want to be prettier, make sure you need to contact Young, she is very professional!

Nayoung Jung.

I recently got permanent eyebrows done at “Seven Beauty Brows” and I absolutely loved it. The technician was very kind and explained everything thoroughly, and the shop was new and clean so I felt comfortable in terms of hygiene. After the procedure, my eyebrows looked beautiful and the color came out naturally, so I feel great every time I do my makeup in the morning. It was definitely worth the money spent. Highly recommend!

Elieen Chung

I had the greatest privilege of getting my eye brawls done at Seven Beauty Brows with Miya. I am not the best person when it comes to needles and micro blading techniques and all. I was nervous as any one. Miya was amazing and explained as well as eased my anxiety. She did all the mapping and designing. Took her time to make sure my brows looks full and colorful. I am loving every bit of it. Thank you Miya for your wonderful work and professionalism. I would recommend this place for any one who wants to get their brows done.

Leshimi Nair

Whenever I looked at pictures of me, I noticed my eyebrows did not have a finished look. I made an appointment with Young Mi at Seven Beauty Brows. She agreed my brows needed the micro blade procedure to make them appear “finished.” She and I decided upon the best color that matched my original brows and hair color. The procedure was not uncomfortable at all. In fact, it was rather relaxing. Young is very professional and personable. She’s meticulous in her work. So is her salon. It takes a few weeks for the chosen color to settle. Now that it has, I am very happy I chose to get my eyebrows micro bladed. ( I would post a picture, but I am a private person and prefer not to). If you are hesitant to get micro blading, no need to be. It’s an easy procedure , and I am sure you will be pleased.

Rosalyn L

I Recomiendo total y absolutamente el trabajo que realiza Young, estoy muy feliz con mis cejas nuevas gracias a ella. Yo tengo trabajos anteriores en mis cejas, con ninguno de ellos había quedado satisfecha hasta hoy, que caí en manos de una verdadera profesional en lo que hace, desde el momento en el que hace el diseño te das cuenta que ella domina su oficio. Totalmente recomendada para todas esas mujeres que al igual que yo, tenemos mucha desconfianza sobre este tema.

I totally and absolutely recommend the work that Young does, I am very happy with my new eyebrows thanks to her. I have done previous jobs on my eyebrows, none of them I had been satisfied with until today, when I fell into the hands of a true professional in what she does, from the moment she does the design you realize that she masters her craft. Totally recommended for all those women who, like me, have a lot of distrust on this subject.

Nadiesda Araoca


Young has been passionate about art and beauty all her life. She majored in Fine Arts at KyungSung University in South Korea and trained as a ballerina, choreographing numerous performances and doing stage makeup for herself and her troupe. During that time, she discovered how effective makeup could be to strengthen one’s features and bring out their emotion and beauty. ‘Dancers are storytellers who project words and emotions through movement,’ says Young. ‘But in order for dancers to properly tell the story to the audience, they need even their most subtle facial expressions to be seen.’

Today, Young draws upon her passion to serve clients in the beauty industry, offering a range of semi-permanent makeup services for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips. She trained in South Korea and California, specializing in the latest microblading and ombre techniques. She is a licensed and certified Semi-Permanent Makeup professional in Alameda County and has received all necessary permits with the Alameda County Health Department.

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